Engineers Without Borders – NU Team

Sam Cohen – President

Sam Cohen is a computer science student at Northwestern University. Sam is interested in international development, politics, and entrepreneurship. He is a member of Northwestern’s club lacrosse team, has a student radio show, and loves writing code.

Edwin Wu – Vice President of Finance

I’m Edwin Wu, a junior at Northwestern studying Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS), Economics, and Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science and a certificate through Kellogg in Financial Economics. I’m the Vice President of Finance at Engineers Without Borders – Northwestern, but my unofficial title is “Edwin Wu, Master of Coin, Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West.”

Jess Ziniel – Vice President of Outreach

Jessica is a senior from Iowa City, IA studying Industrial Engineering and Economics. On campus she is involved in CATalyst, Steam Heat Musical Theater Dance Company, and Tridelta. She enjoys being with her friends and family, reading on the beach, dancing, and keeping up to date with all of her HBO favorites.

Jesse Vega-Perkins – Vice President of Technical

Jesse is a junior majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Environmental Policy & Culture. She is one of the Vice Presidents of the Technical Team for EWB. In her free time, she likes to read, draw, re-watch Parks & Rec, and be outdoors.

Brandon Tanner – Vice President of Technical

Brandon Tanner is a sophomore at Northwestern studying Mechanical Engineering. He is heading up the Technical team with Jesse. He was born and raised in East Africa and is glad to be able to help the communities there. He loves hiking, traveling, playing sports, and building things.

Samuel Piehl – Professional Development Lead

Sam Piehl is a junior studying Applied Math and minoring in Physics and English Literature.  As Professional Development Lead, he works to organize EWB outreach in the Chicago area.  Proudly hailing from the state of Colorado, his hobbies include skiing, hiking, and camping.

Alexander Johnson – Fundraising Lead

AJ is a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering. As fundraising lead, he is in charge of planning and organizing our quarterly EWB fundraisers. His hobbies include marching band, playing video games, and drinking smoothies.

Jacob Salomon – Marketing Lead

Jacob Salomon is a sophomore from Southern California studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health Studies. As marketing lead, he works to improve EWB’s campus presence and to keep everyone updated on all things EWB. He enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, finding new restaurants, going to concerts and events, and exploring Chicago.

Emma Cripe – Events Lead

Emma is a junior majoring Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Economics. As the Event Lead, she is in charge of organizing speakers related to our current project and planning bonding events. Her hobbies include watching hockey or any sport, reading, and listening to country music.